Hi, Jim Wallace here. How can I help you?

I’ve practiced old fashioned psychiatry with a modern twist in Augusta, Georgia, since 1985, getting to know my patients very well. I believe in achieving an excellent, therapeutic doctor-patient relationship above all things.

To help my patients as much as possible, I’ve used both talk therapy and medications, and I’ll continue to do so. My approach to the practice of medicine is 100% patient-centered. It’s all about finding out what works best for each individual.


Everybody is unique!

For many people medications are not the best answer. That’s why I’m excited to have introduced to Augusta a high tech, highly effective treatment modality called rTMS, or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. A non-drug psychiatric treatment, TMS was approved by the FDA because it’s effective and safe, but patients love it because it’s easy on their bodies, and often works much more rapidly than medicines.

I will continue to provide a wide range of psychiatric services to my patients. That includes what I think is the best of new treatments for brain diseases such as depression – TMS – an effective treatment without any of the systemic side effects which are so common with medications. I also order newly available high tech lab testing to determine which medicines are most likely to work for my patients, and to help minimize medication side effects.

Having both magnetic stimulation therapy and high tech lab testing available in my office increases my ability to help my patients become free of the ravages which are produced by psychiatric brain diseases, and I’m glad to be able to offer these services to Augusta.

It’s mandatory that psychiatry push the limits as we adopt new brain treatment technologies, but we must not abandon the minds or the souls of our patients as we do so. There is no substitute for a carefully constructed trusting relationship where the truth can be told.


Finding the right treatment means finding what’s exactly right – effective, safe, and as free of side effects as possible – for each individual person. Many of my patients need only talk therapy. Some need only medications. Some need both. Some need TMS. There is no universal cure in psychiatry. I don’t take hopeless cases, and hardly ever run across anyone I can’t help if they want to be helped.

I love practicing psychiatry, and am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful patients.

You’ll find more information about depression and other psychiatric illnesses, brain chemicals, stumbling blocks to happiness, psychiatric treatments, and all sorts of things here, and also when you visit my other professional website, TMS Augusta. I’ll continue to practice my version of old fashioned psychiatry.

Your comments are appreciated.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Warren M. says

    I am very anxious to have an appointment with Dr. Wallace. I have been desperately desperately seeking a Dr. who focuses on relationships.

    • says

      Give my office a call. Janice will schedule you for an appointment. I think there’s one available within the next week.

      Just to be clear – I try to focus on what’s important. This may be relationships, but it could be something else.

  2. Patricia B says

    I went to Dr. Wallace as a complete and utter mess. I had been under another psychiatrist that made everything a lot WORSE. Dr. Wallace has put in a lot of time over the last 21 years and thanks to him I was able to keep my job and even retire from it! If you need help or even think you might, give the best a try.

    • admin says

      Pat, it’s always been my honor and pleasure to know you, and to try to be of service to you. Your words mean a lot, and I very much appreciate them. Thank you so much.

  3. Celeste says

    I appreciate how you and your staff give assistance on many different levels of treatment and general help for a variety of needs.

    • admin says

      Thank you so much. I will let my staff know that you appreciate them. It’s a joy to have such wonderful patients, and our pleasure to be able to help you.

  4. billy s says

    I get along with Dr. Wallace and I enjoy my time with him. We talk about everything and anything. We talk about the medical issues that bring me in to see him. He believes in doing everything that can be done to help a mental illness and I truly appreciate that. I do not feel left out or just one more patient who clocks in and clocks out. He’s not like that at all. He gives you his total undivided attention and often suggests improvements you can make in your personal life to deal with your illness that you might not have thought about. He gets a perfect score from me. He is very devoted to his patients and very professional and open-minded.

  5. Amanda S says

    Dr. Wallace has helped me in numerous ways. When I first saw him, I was very ill and struggling greatly. With his help and his dedication to my success, I have been able to achieve health again. I continue to work with him, and I am grateful that he is so dedicated to his patients. You won’t go wrong in choosing Dr. Wallace. If you are searching for a good psychiatrist, it would benefit you to check him out!

    • admin says

      Thank you for visiting my site, and for your comments. Being a doctor means so much more to me because I have such wonderful patients.

  6. Beth D says

    I have been a patient of Dr. Wallace’s for quite some time and I must say as a medical professional myself that his practice is unique and very impressive in that he is one of the few who practices with psychotherapy as well as appropriate meds if needed. Dr. Wallace truly cares about his patients and is extremely knowledgeable in his field of practice. He has had much influence in my life and has helped me achieve a quality of life that I thought was impossible. He has never given up on me and has my best interest at heart. He truly is a Godsend!! I recommend his practice to anyone who wants a physician who really cares and at the same time has the vast knowledge in his field to offer guidance and hope! Thank you Dr. Wallace for giving me my life back and truly caring about my welfare! In addition his secretary Janice is a jewel to deal with. She also has had my best interest at heart. To anyone who is looking for a physician in his field who is unique and really cares I strongly recommend Dr. Wallace as a road to success and happiness in your life as well as HOPE! I have a life back, Beth D.

    • admin says

      I know that Janice will appreciate your comments, and I will share them with her. It is our honor to be able to help. I will never give up on you.

  7. Anastasia M says

    I am looking for a psychiatrist in the Augusta area. I recently moved back from Oklahoma and am in need of a doctor. Do you have any openings for new patients?

    • admin says

      Sorry for missing you comment until now. Welcome back to Augusta. Yes, I have openings in my practice for new patients.

  8. Michael C says

    I am contacting you in hopes of relieving my wife’s relentless paranoia.She and I went to Serenity in October, 2011. She was given an injection of Invega. It was miracle seven days later she was cured, we finally had peace and trust. We stayed on this course for year and a half. Then weight gain caused her frustration and minor depression, so Dr.Messulam started prescribing Abilify, and citropelam, and now my wife walks in constant fear. Please consult with her as soon as it is possible. She is a beautiful person, and I will find her an exceptional Dr.

    • admin says

      I hope she’s doing a lot better now. If there’s anything I can do, please call for an appointment.

      I’m sorry to have missed your message until now.

  9. Miss B. says

    After many years of seeing you, this is the first time I’ve seen your website. Not too bad.

    I appreciated your discussion re the dearth of reputable psychiatrists in private practice in Augusta. I thought that a town with a medical school with a (what was once a very good) department of psychiatry would have a decent selection of psychiatrists. Nope. Maybe I got spoiled by having previously lived in an area with more psychiatrists per square inch than any other area in the United States. I hope I never have to be hospitalized, but I am concerned that there is no local inpatient service except at MCG and East Georgia Regional Hospital (or whatever they’re now calling that place on Mike Padgett Highway). Guess I’ll be making an out-of-town trip if I ever need to be hospitalized. Has any person or group ever put pressure on University, Trinity, or Doctors to find out why they don’t have a psych unit?

    Thanks for having this website available. You’re a decent person and a good doctor. In answer to the age-old question, “Yes, I would recommend you to a family member or a close friend.”

    • admin says

      It’s amazing that we don’t have the sort of inpatient facilities we should have, isn’t it.

      Yes, there have been attempts to change things. I’m not sure exactly why they have failed, but my guess is the institutions understand the business aspects of psychiatric inpatient treatment are not to their advantage, or something like that.

      Thanks for visiting my site, and for your comments.

  10. Lydia says

    I am blessed to have found Dr. W. to talk to the past 3 years. He is easy to talk to, caring, understanding, very personable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him as a psychiatrist. If you want someone like this who doesn’t fit the stereotype of a psychiatrist – stoic faced, blah personality, writing constantly on a notepad and not saying much except “uhuh, what else? then you won’t go wrong choosing him.

    I don’t think anyone would go wrong choosing him.

    • admin says

      It’s me that’s blessed to be able to help you. I consider it an honor, and a privilege.

      Thanks so much for saying something so nice about me, Ms Lydia.

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